These Occupant Terms (“Occupant Terms”) and the Term of Use (located at info.rentlikeachampion.com/terms-of-use) (the “Terms of Use”) govern your use of rentlikeachampion.com and any associated pages or sub-domains (the “Website”) and any services provided in connection with the Website (collectively, the “Platform”).  The Platform is owned or controlled by Rent Like a Champion, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Rent Like a Champion” or “we”).




You are an “Occupant” if you make a reservation to occupy a property (“Property”) listed on the Platform.  As such, you accept and agree to the Terms of Use and these Occupant Terms.  A “Homeowner” is Homeowner of a Property which has been listed on the Platform.



Occupant represents and warrants that he or she is at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into a binding legal contract.

Rent Like a Champion as Payment Provider

Occupant acknowledges that Rent Like a Champion is not a party to any agreement between Occupant and Homeowner.  Rent Like a Champion is acting in a limited capacity as a payment provider.  Rent Like a Champion will collect from Occupant the fee charged by Homeowner to use the Property (the “Reservation Fee”) for the amount agreed to in the Property listing (“Listing”).  

Agreement with Homeowner

By accepting these Occupant Terms, upon each reservation you make through the Platform (“Reservation”), you hereby acknowledge that you are entering into a binding legal contract with the selected Property’s Homeowner. Under such contract, you agree to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Occupant Terms.  Your obligations hereunder will inure to the benefit of such Homeowner.  Rent Like a Champion will be a third party beneficiary to any such agreement between you and Homeowner and Rent Like a Champion may enforce such Homeowner’s rights hereunder.


Payment.   Occupant will pay the full amount of the Reservation Fee due for licensing the Homeowner’s Property at the time of booking to Rent Like a Champion. Occupant will pay the listed price, plus the 9% service fee specified on the Listing to Rent Like a Champion.

Damage Protection Hold.  You authorize Rent Like a Champion to place a hold on your credit card approximately two to three business days prior to your Reservation for the amount of $1,000 (“Damage Protection Amount”). You authorize Rent Like a Champion to charge some or all of the Damage Protection Amount if at the completion of the Reservation such amount is required to compensate Homeowner for any damages, repairs, or other charges resulting from your occupancy of the Property.

Compliance with Laws.  Occupant will comply with all rules, laws, and ordinances affecting the Property, including all applicable provisions of the laws of the state in which the Property is located. Occupant is responsible for any ordinance violations, including noise violations, by Occupant or any guest or invitee of Occupant or other parties entering the Property, during the Reservation.

Care of the Property.  Occupant will exercise reasonable care to ensure that Homeowner’s Property and belongings are kept secure, and are not damaged, lost, removed, or stolen.  Occupant will not to remove or damage any items on the Property. Any removal or damage of the Property will constitute a violation of these Occupant Terms, and may result in a charge to the Damage Protection Amount.

Duty to Vacate.  Occupant will vacate the Property prior to the check-out date and time of the license for use of the Property indicated in the Reservation.  If Occupant fails to vacate the Property following the check-out time, Occupant will be liable for a charge of the greater of: (a) $1,000/day or (b) the Reservation Fee per day plus $500 until Occupant vacates the Property or is evicted.


Cleaning.  Occupant will maintain the Property, including the Property, the yard, and the immediate sidewalk area in a clean and sanitary manner during the time that Occupant stays at the Property.  Occupant will not make any alterations to the Property. At the termination of this Agreement, the Occupant agrees to leave the Property in the same condition as when it was received, except for normal use, wear, and tear. Normal use, wear, and tear is defined as linens, towels, and toiletries used on the premesis. Should the premises be in an unreasonably dirty or unclean condition relative to the state of the Property upon arrival, then Occupant shall be responsible for any excessive cleaning fees or costs incurred by Homeowner.

Maximum Accommodations.  The accommodations limit listed on the website for each Property is the maximum number of individuals that the Property can accommodate during the Reservation. If the Occupant brings additional people above the maximum accommodation limit without Homeowner’s prior written consent, the Occupant may be subject to additional fees or charges.

Pets.  Occupant will not bring pets onto the Property without Homeowner’s prior written consent.

Parking.  Occupant will only park vehicles on paved driveways or in legal, unreserved street parking spots. Occupant is responsible for any towing fees, city ordinance fees, and any other costs or fees resulting from a failure to park vehicles on driveways or other legally permissible locations.

Smoking.  Occupant will not smoke in the house without Homeowner’s prior written consent. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an additional cleaning fee.

No Disturbance.  Occupant will and will ensure his or her family members, guests, friends, and other parties entering the Property agree to behave in a manner which is respectful and not disturbing to others. Failure to behave in this manner may constitute termination of our relationship with you and your use of the Platform, and Occupant may be charged for damages, including but not limited to fines for municipal violations or citations incurred during the term of this agreement. 

No Illegal Drugs or Under-Aged Drinking.  Occupant will not to use or permit the use of any illegal drugs on the Property. Occupant further will not allow anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic beverages on the Property.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation.  If you cancel your Reservation with at least 60 days advance written notice to Rent Like a Champion, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of the Reservation Fee (less any credit card processing transaction fees). Reservations cancelled less than 60 days in advance are non-refundable, except under rare extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of Rent Like a Champion. 

Alternative Property.  Rent Like a Champion reserves the right in extraordinary cases or other emergencies, such as a Property is unavailable due to causes outside of Rent Like a Champion’s control, to procure alternative housing that is considered reasonably satisfactory to Occupant.  If Rent Like a Champion is unable to provide housing that is reasonably satisfactory to the Occupant, Rent Like a Champion shall provide a full refund of all monies paid, and Occupant shall not hold Rent Like a Champion liable for any damages or penalties.

Damage to Property

Charge of Damage Protection Amount.  Occupant will leave the Property in the same condition it was in when Occupant arrived except ordinary wear and tear.  If a Homeowner claims that the Property is damaged, needs repairs or Occupant has incurred charges related to the Property in any way, you may be charged.  If a Homeowner claims and provides evidence of damage to the Property by you, you will pay such charges.  You will submit to Rent Like a Champion the amount due if such charge exceeds the Damage Protection Amount or we are unable to process your credit card for the Damage Protection Amount.  You will have 48 hours from the receipt of notice of the claim to respond in writing to Rent Like a Champion.  Occupant authorizes Rent Like a Champion to charge its credit card in Rent Like a Champion’s sole discretion for any damage to the Property.

Further Disputes.  If Occupant and Homeowner are unable to resolve the dispute, Rent Like a Champion will take the steps it reasonably deems appropriate in its discretion to provide an acceptable resolution to both parties.  Such resolution may involve mediation.  In any case, you agree to use best efforts to participate and assist Rent Like a Champion in its efforts.

Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

Indemnification.  Occupant agrees to hold Homeowner harmless and not liable for: (a) any claims or damages, including but not limited to theft or damage of Occupant’s property, or injury or bodily harm to Occupant or others that may occur during the Reservation or (b) any violation by Occupant of any law, rules, regulations, including any such rules under these Occupant Terms. Further, Occupant agrees to assume all liability for any claims by any person occupying the Property with the Occupant and Occupant’s guests during the Reservation.  The total of any liability on the part of Rent Like a Champion is limited to the total amount paid by Occupant for the Reservation.   

Attorneys’ Fees.  Occupant agrees to pay reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs incurred by Rent Like a Champion in enforcing Rent Like a Champion’s rights under this agreement.  Should this portion of the agreement be found unenforceable under the law, all remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable without exception. Occupant recognizes and understands that Rent Like a Champion is operating in a limited capacity as an agent for the parties, and furthermore agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rent Like a Champion and Rent Like a Champion’s agents from any damages not directly a result from Rent Like a Champion or Rent Like a Champion’s agent’s actions.


No Assignment.  Occupant agrees not to assign this agreement, or to sub-let the Property without the prior written permission of Homeowner and Rent Like a Champion.

Entire Agreement.  The parties agree that this Agreement is the entire agreement between Rent Like a Champion and Occupant and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.  No terms of this Agreement may be changed except by written agreement of both parties.  This Agreement binds and benefits both Rent Like a Champion and Occupant and any successors, representatives, or assigns.

Occupant agrees that Rent Like a Champion is an express third party beneficiary of these Occupant Terms, having rights to enforce the terms hereof. 

Governing Law.  This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.

Jurisdiction.  Any legal action, which may arise between Rent Like a Champion and Occupant related to these Occupant Terms shall be brought exclusively in the state or federal courts located in Chicago, Illinois. By executing this Agreement, Occupant agrees that the state or federal courts located in Chicago, Illinois, shall have personal jurisdiction over Occupant in any legal action between Rent Like a Champion and Occupant related to this contract.  Rent Like a Champion and Occupant may agree to, but are not required to, mediate any dispute which may arise between Rent Like a Champion and Occupant related to this contract.  If Rent Like a Champion and Occupant elect to mediate, mediation shall occur exclusively in the location chosen by Rent Like a Champion, with a mediator of Rent Like a Champion's choosing.

Complaints and Contact Information

Should a problem with the Property arise, any complaints must be submitted within 48 hours of the end of the Reservation, and emailed to admin@rentlikeachampion.com. Photographs of the problems on the Property must be submitted with the complaint as evidence of a problem.